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Leading with Vision and Inspiration as Co-Founder & Chief People Officer (CPO)

A 20 year USAF Veteran, I am a seasoned Leadership Coach dedicated to empowering leaders and developing high-performance organizations. My coaching approach, refined over decades, balances traditional strategies with innovative solutions, addressing the unique needs of today's leaders.

Beyond individual coaching, I excel in instructional design, creating bespoke training programs that nurture leadership cultures within organizations. My programs are theory-based, yet practically applicable, ensuring immediate, meaningful learning.

As an expert in organizational leadership architecture, I've successfully guided companies in structuring their teams and cultivating environments geared towards common goals.

Leadership to me goes beyond a title - it's about vision, resilience, empathy, and inspiration. If you're seeking to elevate your leadership skills or transform your organization's leadership culture, I'm here to assist. Together, we'll ignite growth, empowerment, and success that will positively impact your team, organization, and beyond. Welcome to your journey of transformation.

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